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Milano Marittima

Why Milano Marittima?
Because here you will meet more than 100 years of Nature, Tourism and Style.

Milano Marittima

Milano Marittima, an elegant and well-known location on the Adriatic Coast, comes out from the initiative of some people from Milan, at the beginning of last century, who wanted to found a new "garden city" on the Adriatic Coastline, with the aim to build the “Milano on the beach”.

These origins are the fundamentals for developing a unique and original experience of a touristic town that today is renomated as a place of excellence at national and international level.

A few meters from the beach is the ancient pine forest, an ideal setting for team building activities and outdoor activities; here you will find jogging trails, canoeing and kayaking and biking, up to the Natural Park and Saline di Cervia, crossing the Adriatic Golf Club Cervia  and its 27 holes, and at the Tennis Club until the Palace of Congresses in Milano Marittima.

In Milano Marittima, as holiday destination loved by famous Italian football players and VIPs from the entertainment and TV world, walking on the streets you will meet fashion shops and even historical venues like the "Pineta", which over the years has acquired great fame and is still among the trendiest clubs of the Riviera.

Nestled in the green of the pinewood, Milano Marittima is able tocombine the lively center with the peace and quiet of the natural environment, making it an ideal and favourite destination for a complete holiday, as well as destination for events that meet the desires of the most demanding companies, to achieve quality, fun and professionalism.


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